Forest management policy
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Shandong Heze Maosheng Wood Products Co. Ltd.
Dongming County State-owned Sanchun Forest Farm
Forest management policy
Adhere to the management policy of “ Linning based , ecological priority, classified management, sustainable development ”, improve the quality of forest management, improve the ecological environment , promote modern ecological concepts, and promote the sustainable characteristics of forest management in line with FSC principles.
1) Commit to long-term compliance and commitment to ensure that forestry activities comply with FSC standards and national laws and regulations as well as relevant international conventions and other requirements ;
2) Do a good job in the ecological environment protection of the forest management process, improve the utilization of natural resources , reduce waste , and achieve sustainable management of the forest ecological environment ;
3) Committed to biodiversity, soil and water conservation, rare and endangered flora and fauna and natural ecosystem protection;
4) Communicate environmental policies to employees/local groups, contractors, suppliers and partners, report on environmental conditions, share experiences in improving the environment, actively participate in ecological and environmental activities, raise public awareness of environmental protection, and promote local society. The overall level of environmental protection has improved;
5) Ensure that the business management system is compatible with the current forestry activities and scale, and is continuously supplemented and improved to meet the requirements of the new situation and policies and regulations;
6) Advocate and promote the protection of forest natural circulation system, vigorously promote forest ecosystem management, and promise not to implement management measures that are not conducive to the health and integrity of forest ecosystems .
7) Adopt advanced technology , equipment and management to increase the utilization of resources, reduce the consumption of resources and energy , and reduce the generation of waste.
8) Promote local economic development, protect the interests of local residents and groups; continuously improve the labor security system to ensure the safety and health of employees.
9) The scope of this certification involves 167.11 hectares of forest land in Sanchun Forest Farm , and another 481.41 hectares of forest land not included in the scope of certification . The commitments are all managed in accordance with FSC principles and related work is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the FSC management system .
Shandong Heze Maosheng Wood Industry Co., Ltd.
Dongming County State-owned Sanchun Forest Farm
FSC Forest Certification Office
April 10, 2018
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