Summary of forest management work in 2018
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【Summary description】: Summary of forest management work in 2018 2018 is the first year of our applica

Summary of forest management work in 2018

2018 is the first year of our application for FSC certification. We carry out relevant forest management work with new concepts and norms. Through the efforts of management personnel, the cooperation of forest farms and related parties, we can smoothly carry out from start, standard and implementation. With gratifying results, the current 2018 forestry work is summarized as follows:
First, FSC certification work
1. Complete the certification member's confirmation, sign the relevant agreement, and collect relevant member information.
2. Completed the background investigation and consultation of the certification area, prepared the resource investigation report, the environmental assessment report, the social assessment report, the high security report, and compiled the forest management plan.
3. Establish FSC certification management system, compile and compile management documents, management manuals, operation manuals, etc.
4. Organize relevant training and conduct training on FSC knowledge, certification management, production technology, environmental protection, laws and regulations, safety knowledge and other related aspects.
5. Standard operation, starting from June, carry out actual operations in accordance with the established rules, implement the forest management regulations, and all management units and personnel shall operate and supervise and guide according to the distribution of duties.
Second, forest management
1. Forest fire prevention: It is mainly to strengthen the fire prevention and publicity of forest protection, strictly control the fire source, carry out training on fire drills and fire-fighting tools, and there are no major forest fires and casualties.
2. Management of illegal activities: Organizations and personnel at all levels have stepped up publicity and improved the awareness of legal system and forest protection among forest personnel. There have been no illegal activities such as poaching, illegal logging, deforestation, illegal collection, illegal land occupation, and mining. Damaged.
3, forest pest control: using a near-natural model, basically no pests.
4, wildlife protection: wild animals and plants have been effectively protected, no poaching cases and plant damage cases.
Third, ecological environmental protection
The forest management in the certification area did not use pesticides, and no new varieties were introduced; the treatment of production and domestic garbage was standardized; the water and soil indicators were standard, no environmental accidents occurred, and the ecological environment was good.
Fourth, training work
10 FSC posters were distributed, 5 forest farm operation manuals and forestry technical manuals were distributed, 10 leaflets were distributed, 3 management personnel trainings were organized, forest farm training was nearly 10 times, and related parties were trained 3 times.
V. Labor protection
1. Conduct safety production guidance inspection.
2. All employees continue to participate in social security and work injury insurance.
3. Each village is equipped with protective equipment for the forestry personnel to borrow.
This year, the FSC forest work has done a lot of effective work, but there are still some problems. The management personnel are not skilled enough in the management operation of the FSC. The forest farm operation also has the tradition of inertia, and the management procedures need to further improve its operability. In the future work, we will further implement all the requirements of the FSC principles and standards, and promote the sustainable management of forests in the certification area.

Shandong Heze Maosheng Wood Industry Co., Ltd.
September 2018

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